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Your one-time or monthly gift will help bring hope to neighbors in need this holiday season.

Year End Giving Match

All gifts up to $500

made through December 31st, 2021 will be matched dollar for dollar by the Jessie Ball duPont Foundation


of Delaware Households

Can’t Meet Their Basic Needs.

That means, instead of having a little extra to celebrate the holidays, many families have barely enough to survive. They’re having to choose between paying bills and putting food on the table. It’s 2021, none of our neighbors should be hungry. Together, we can make sure this doesn’t happen. We can make sure no one is forgotten. That everyone in Delaware and Salem County (NJ) can enjoy time at home with their loved ones this holiday season.

With your one-time gift or monthly donation, you can help parents and guardians put food on the table, give gifts, and spread hope at home this winter.


Choose Where Your Gift Goes

Holiday Helpers Fund

Holiday Helpers FUND

Every year, United Way of Delaware sponsors over 200 families during the holidays. We provide them with food for meals, gifts for their children, and any additional services they might need. If you or someone you know is struggling and could benefit from a little extra help this season, then please complete the form and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

basic needs FUND

Nearly half of Delaware households can’t afford to provide for basic needs. For some this means not being able to pay the rent or keep the heat on this winter. Hardship doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to any of us. Thankfully, our team at Delaware 211 helps individuals and families in and through crisis. Please consider donating to the BASIC NEES Fund to ensure neighbors have a safe place to live, food to eat, and resources to get back on their feet again. 
Basic Needs Fund - Father and Daughter
Racial Equity & Social Justice

racial equity & Social justice FUND

2021 was a busy year for racial equity and social justice reform in Delaware. And, while we made tremendous progress, there are still many layers of structural racism alive in our state. Through the Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative, we’re working with local governments and advocacy groups to break down policies created to limit and control black and brown communities. When you donate to the RACIAL EQUITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE Fund you join a movement that is working to improve life for all people across Delaware.

General fund

When you give to United Way of Delaware, you join thousands of passionate, caring individuals who have UNITED together to take a stance against inequity and suffering in our communities. We never work alone, so your one-time gift or monthly donation will also help our community-based partners who are fighting with us on the frontlines.  Together we can build a better Delaware for everyone. 

UWDE General Fund

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