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Virtual Fitness Classes

Get ready to kick, lift, stretch and dance your way into better shape by joining several exciting fitness classes available with this event! First, join a certified personal trainer for 30-minutes of heart-pumping exercise with a variety of virtual classes including Cardio with Weights (HIIT low impact – modifications available to increase intensity), Full Body Toning (toning with weights),

Glutes Galore (toning focusing on gluteal muscles), or Yoga. For those interested in a virtual dance/fitness studio experience, join Vibe Vault Fit for a broad range of exciting virtual classes including Vibe Dance Fit (dance fitness), Beat HIIT (cardio plus kickboxing), Barre, and more! • Minimum suggested donation: $15 • Start and End Dates – 11/5-12/3

Contact: Sharon Hafner (SHARON.HAFNER1@CHEMOURS.COM)
Phone Number
(302) 773-2838

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